Improvisation no. 1: Cumulative Loops. 2013. 3’20. HD video with stereo sound.

Improvisation no. 1: Cumulative Loops is the audio-visual artifact of an improvisation in hand-drawn animation and musical collage.  Visual riffs drawn on paper strips are digitized and assembled additively with musical phrases taken from the artist-composer’s collection of unused film score and sound effects recordings, 16mm optical scratch tracks and extemporaneous instrumental performances.  Playing with the concomitance of image and sound, the work transposes the conditions of musical performance to the incremental process of animation, forming an idiosyncratic way of generating and experiencing rhythm, movement, duration and time.

Drawing upon a practice that has alternated between the animated image and the soundtrack, Luigi explores a new direction in his work, one that sees the composition of image and sound as a single unified process.


Northwest Animation Festival 2016 – Portland Oregon, USA

London International Animation Festival 2015 – London, UK

Canadian Screen Awards ‘Genies’ 2015 – Toronto, Canada *NOMINEE – BEST ANIMATED SHORT

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2015 – Melbourne, Australia

Cardiff Animation Nights 2014 – Cardiff, UK

Concierto de Música Visual en Noviembre electrónico 2014 – CEIArtE, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2014 – Ottawa, Canada

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014 – Edinburgh, Scotland UK

Dérapage 14 Festival 2014 – Montréal, Canada  *WINNER – BEST ANIMATION

Les Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation 2013 – Montréal, Canada

Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation 2013 – Chicago & Brooklyn (USA), Stockholm (Sweden), Mali Losinj (Croatia)

Understanding Visual Music (UVM) Symposium and Concert 2013 – Buenos Aires, Argentina